Chemistry Test Retake and Extra Credit

If you would like to retake the test, send me an email with the date and time you would like to retake it. Your retake should happen before THURSDAY, MAY 23rd. 

Before you retake the test, you should come see your old test. You can take notes on what you need to study, but you may not take your old test out of the science room.

Two Science Extra Credit Options: (Due by Thursday, May 23rd)

Option 1: (worth up to 1.5 % points)

Create a poster for the science classroom that depicts either:

  • A concept we learned during the chemistry unit (e.g., Kinetic Molecular Theory, parts of an atom, a particular atomic theory, or any other you can think of…)

  • A safety message (e.g., “Wear your goggles and gloves when handling dangerous chemicals,” or “Don’t touch or taste anything during a lab.”)

The poster should be colorful, original, and minimum size 18 in. X 24 in. (4 sheets of construction paper taped together.)


Option 2: (worth up to 3.5 % points)

I will be giving mini lessons on the following high school chemistry topics. You may attend any of these lessons. Once the lesson is over, write a 400 word essay (~1 page) about ONE topic presented in the lesson. Here are the lesson options:

  1. Atomic colors using the Bohr model: Ever wonder what gas makes what color in neon signs? It has to do with energy levels. Come get the info here in this presentation.
  2. Phase diagrams: Can water sublime? When does gold boil? What if we were in outer space? This class will tell you how to analyze a given chart to find the temperatures of phase changes of substances at different pressures.
  3. Periodic Trends: What is the smallest element? What about the biggest? Which are most reactive? We can use the periodic table to answer these questions, and we will! Find out how to use the periodic table to predict atomic size and chemical reactivity.

Please use your own words when writing this paper.

The essay should be in your science folder with the filename “Extra Credit Option 2,” and please notify me when you have completed this option.


Chemistry Test Details


Here is what you need to know:
– Your lab notebook is due this day. The density lab and the chemistry terms should be completed.
– Here is what you should bring with you:

  • A pencil (or a black or blue pen)
  • Your periodic table
  • A calculator
  • A notecard (maybe)

(You may use EITHER a 3×5 inch notecard and blank periodic table, OR a periodic table with notes on the front side. Your choice.)

– Here is what you may NOT use on this test:

  • iPad calculator
  • Computer calculator
  • Phone calculator
  • A periodic table with notes on the back side
  • Your friend’s answers

Study Tips:

  • Go over your notes
  • Re-read the slides
  • Read the words in the post before the presentation. I let you know what slides are good information
  • Do the practice problems from the presentations (usually indicated by “Try This”)
  • Make sure you have done your terms
  • Go through the Jeopardy Review answer key, or try out all the questions yourself
  • Try to write a question you think I might ask, then solve it yourself