Physics Unit Exam Review

The physics exam will be Monday, January 14th, 2013! Below are slides that will help you in your studying process. If you are comfortable with the information in these slides you should be fine for the exam; however, EVERYTHING is fair game! Review all of the physics lessons in this Unit for complete understanding. Remember, you may create a notecard (3X5) ONLY! If you decide to type your notes, you may only use one side of the notecard. If you’d rather hand write your notes, you may use both sides of the notecard. You must create you own notecard, sharing is prohibited. Good luck with you study adventures!  ~Coach~

Physics Unit 3.6

The Hot Wheels Lab should be written in you lab notebooks. The chart and graph can be created on a computer and taped in your lab note book, but the lab must be hand written. If you need accommodations, please let Mr. Rudnick or I know soon.

Physics Unit 3.5

NOTE: The due date below in the presentation is WRONG! The due date for the Hot Wheels Lab is actually JANUARY 14, 2013 for ALL CLASSES! Your lab must be written in your lab notebook unless you have received explicit permission from Coach or Mr. Rudnick. See the calendar for more details.

Bridge Evaluation Data

The link for the “Bridge Efficiencies Data Sheet” where all three classes bridge efficiencies are located is on the 11th slide of the presentation below. You will be able to view the data sheet, but will not be able to edit it. You can also find the “Bridge Building Journal” assignment in this lesson on slide 12. That assignment is DUE: 11/26/12.